Low Supply📉. Bidding Wars⚔️. Record Prices🚀.

That sum up Pacific Northwest’s housing market in October 2020.

The pandemic has made worse our pre-existing anemic housing supply that has struggled to keep up with the strong demand.

The sharp drop of 43% in supply, a less than one month of supply (0.89), a 50% drop in median Days on Market (6 days), and a whopping 19% surge in prices year-on-year across Western Washington are a testimony to too much demand and inadequate supply.

Western Washington Housing Update for October 2020 by InBestments.com

Homeownership remains the cornerstone of the American Dream. As our living spaces this year turned into offices, schools, and playgrounds, a place to call home is important now more than ever.

Jo Dixit, COO of InBestments.com and the Designated Broker of BricksFolios RE Solutions.

“A lot of potential sellers are opting to refinance rather than list, reducing the supply of homes on the market by almost half compared to the same time last year.”, stated Jo Dixit, COO of InBestments.com and the Designated Broker of BricksFolios RE Solutions.

Seattle Real Estate Market Update by InBestments.com

Vinod Sharma, CEO of InBestments.com states that “2020 is set to become a record-breaking year for the housing market thanks to the culmination of 3 factors viz.,

1. Demographics shift with Millennials becoming the largest segment of all home buyers at 38%

Millennials are the largest segment of all home buyers.
Millennials are the largest segment of all home buyers.

2. Historic low mortgage rates are fueling unprecedented refinance activity and driving purchase demand.

If your home loan interest rate is around 3.5% or higher, you could save big by refinancing.

Jo Dixit, Loan Consultant, NMLS# 1977929

3. The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. It has lit a fire under buyers who might have been thinking about buying sometime in the near future, but now really NEED to buy.

For instance, the Millennial tech couple with one child in an apartment in Seattle with no outdoor and home office are now desperate for a backyard and larger home. They are willing to move to the suburbs like Lynnwood, Maple Valley, etc., to get it.

It’s a huge multi-year wealth-building opportunity that is just getting started.

Vinod Sharma, CEO of InBestments.com.

Home prices around Seattle rose faster than in any city in the country, save Phoenix, for the sixth consecutive month. At 49.5% increase prices in our region have risen twice as quickly as the national average in the past 5 years.

Source: Seattle Times
Cash Flow Rentals Sold and Properties Flipped - InBesments Exclusive Report.
Cash Flow Rentals Sold and Properties Flipped – InBestments Exclusive Insights

“Even in our red hot market, you can still find great income-producing rentals and potential flips”, stated Jo Dixit.

Last month, 770 cash flow rental properties were purchased and 268 homes were flipped.

It’s still a great time to buy that dream house with a larger space or a few cash flow rentals.

There are 800+ cash-flow/income-producing properties listed below $600K on www.inBestments.com in King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Kitsap counties.

InBestments lets you buy true wealth-building homes.
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Vinod and Jo are the founders of InBestments.com, a pioneer residential real estate wealth platform that removes the guesswork from real estate, whether you are buying your first home to live in or your 20th investment property to hold as a rental or to flip. InBestments is an ecosystem of lenders, agents, RE investors, home buyers, and homeowners, all working together with a singular goal – to build wealth with smart real estate. InBestments elevates Loan Officers and Agents to the role of Real Estate wealth adviser for life and enables you to provide superior service that your clients can't find anywhere else. Don’t be just another single-transaction loan officer or agent for your client. Build lifetime clients and close multiple deals per client. Never be forgotten. Period. Jo Dixit, is also the owner and Designated Broker of BricksFolios Real Estate Solutions, an investment focused brokerage that provides an unique end-to-end service encompassing Portfolio Planning, Funding Strategy, Asset Selection, Asset Management and Asset Disposal/1031 Exchange. Vinod and Jo's goal is to enable 100,000 families to achieve financial freedom with goals driven, smart real estate investments.