Vinod Sharma, of Seattle WA, knows how hard it is for real estate investors and agents to find profitable investment properties.

“Most of the investors and agents I know have dozens of spreadsheets to calculate whether a property is a profitable flip or a good rental,” says Vinod. “It’s almost impossible for regular people to find good investment opportunities even in the area they live without years of experience.”

So Vinod and his co-founder Jo Dixit (Designated RE Broker) spoke to dozens of investors and agents to understand their challenges and needs. They used their combined 45+ years of technology consulting and buying & selling real estate experience, to build an online analytics led platform that can turn anyone into a savvy, profitable real estate investor.

“We’ve taken all the formulas, spreadsheets, cost analysis and built them into the platform, so all you need to do is put in your numbers and see personalized results,” says Vinod.

What used to take weeks, now takes just minutes.

The InBestments platform allows anyone to:

  • Search properties by their investment goal, find good rentals and flips.
  • Instant Cash Flow analysis
  • Check rental potential
  • Check flip potential
  • Generate CMA
  • Get instant notification of matching properties
  • Collaborate with their agent
  • And much more.

All these features with a live feed from MLS.

Posted by InBestments on Saturday, July 21, 2018


Agents love InBestments since it enables them to provide differentiated superior service without the grunt work.  Now they can easily and effectively serve investor clients.

InBestments has gained some traction in real estate circles, even winning a spot in a highly competitive Y Combinator Startup School.

Vinod and Jo hopes to help everyone become an expert investor, without spending years learning the tricks. Their goal is to enable 100,000 families achieve financial freedom through smart real estate investing.

InBestments is available now in the 6 counties of the Seattle metro region but they have plans to expand to other markets.

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