SEATTLE (August 22, 2019) — InBestments CEO, Vinod Sharma, had the opportunity to have a brief chat with Bob Goldberg, CEO of the National Association of REALTORS® at the second annual #iOiSummit in Seattle.

iOi stands for Innovation, Opportunity & Investment. This summit brought together 500+ real estate technology minds, investors and REALTOR® members to collaborate, network, and lead change. These two days provided a forum for incredible discussions and actionable insights.

From this brief conversation with Bob and Bob’s participation in a couple of sessions at this summit, our CEO walked away impressed with the vision that Bob has in navigating NAR in the present tumultuous times facing the residential real estate industry. They talked about how  InBestments can elevate the agents to the role of a trusted real estate wealth adviser for life, for their clients by providing differentiated, superior services that their clients can’t find anywhere else. They also talked about how InBestments can potentially be a useful tool in the financial well-being planning for the NAR members.

Like many large companies in any industry, NAR is a huge national organization that does not pivot on a dime. But Bob’s efforts and leadership is already showing transformational change. He is indeed true to his stated mission of  “smashing the ivory tower” and “turning the pyramid upside down.”

#iOiSummit and REACH® are a couple of the most important pieces of Bob’s mission to keep the members and association ahead of the industry evolution.

Being a platform created by and for agents, we look forward to continuing our dialogue with NAR, and are certainly looking to participating in the next #iOiSummit.


What is InBestments?

InBestments is a pioneer residential real estate wealth platform that removes the guesswork from real estate, whether you are buying your first home to live in or your 60th investment property to hold as a rental or to flip.

Our core value-prop for people looking to buy a home – Don’t just buy a home, buy a true wealth-building home. Every other real estate portal out there is trying to sell you homes mostly based on emotions. However, we enable you to buy homes which are true assets helping you build wealth.

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