The Concoction of Vaccines Stimuls and Seattle Real Estate Blog Cover

The Concoction of Vaccines, March Madness, $1.9T Stimulus, and Seattle Real Estate

One of the top producing agents who are a client of InBestments and a good friend of ours asked us, "Now that the vaccine is being rolled out quickly, we are...
Seattle Real Estate Update Jan 2021

Insatiable buyer demand sustain strong home sales even in Winter

Home sales aren’t expected to slow much, if at all, even amid a record coronavirus outbreak. Super-low rates and the growing prospects of the economy gradually returning to normal are likely to...
What a COVID-19 vaccine would mean for the Seattle housing market

What a COVID-19 vaccine would mean for the Seattle housing market?

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the landscape of the housing market and resulted in historic low mortgage rates. Now, with vaccine on the horizon, what could it mean to Seattle's housing and mortgage market?
New conforming loan limits increased for 2021.

New conforming loan limits increased for 2021, reflecting the hot housing market

The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced new conforming loan limits for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for 2021. The new limit for single-family residential properties is $548,250, which is up nearly 7.5% from...

Home buyers and homeowners — the true winners of this election.

The volatility surrounding the 2020 presidential election helped push mortgage rates to their 13th record low this year, giving both homeowners and buyers a boost.

Seattle Housing in October 2020 = Low Supply📉 + Bidding Wars⚔️ + Record Prices🚀

Wondering what's happening with the Seattle's Real Estate market? Check out InBestments' latest blog for detailed analysis.

🏠 Western Washington Housing Market Update – by inBestments.com

Last month saw the largest monthly number of new listings since May 2019. However, supply is extremely anemic at just 1.04 months of supply. Buyer demand continues to be...

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