SEATTLE, Oct. 23, 2021 – BricksFolios Real Estate Solutions, a trailblazing wealth-focused brokerage, continues its growth spree by sponsoring Inman Connect at #ICLV, the largest event for the residential real estate community in North America.

Jo Dixit, the Co-Founder/Chief Wealth Officer/Designated Broker at BricksFolios, says, “We’re excited to meet fellow agents and brokers and demonstrate how they can Elevate, Differentiate, and Change The Game in their favor.”

“The traditional residential real estate process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and, quite frankly, broken, making it extremely difficult for Real Estate Agents and their clients to build wealth with real estate. We have fixed this with our proprietary technology and unique end-to-end white-glove, hassle-free service that removes the guesswork from building enduring wealth and enables you to build the life you want.

Figure 1 – BricksFolios Unique White-glove end-to-end services.

We elevate Real Estate Agents to the role of a premium, trusted Real Estate wealth advisor for life, for their clients, and enable them to close multiple deals per client. With us, agents provide truly differentiated services that clients cannot find anywhere else. Period.”

Jo Dixit, Co-Founder/Chief Wealth Officer/Designated Broker at BricksFolios

American homeowners aren’t retiring on their 401Ks/IRAs/other assets. Instead, they’re retiring with the wealth they’ve built up through their homes. At retirement, over 80% of their personal net worth comes from the home(s) they own. This presents a huge opportunity since traditional financial planners and wealth managers aren’t incentivized to recommend real estate investments. 

In reality, most agents lack the training, tools, and support that they need to become premium Real Estate Wealth Advisors, so they can enable their clients to build a smart real estate portfolio that can assist with needs like planning for their kids’ college education, retirement, diversifying their larger portfolio, passive income, etc.

“At BricksFolios, we’ve solved these problems for our real estate wealth advisors and their clients with our proprietary technology that enables them to buy true wealth-building homes. For homeowners, we provide a wealth dashboard of their home that provides hyper-personalized insights for saving more money and building faster wealth with the largest asset they own, their homes”, says Vinod Sharma, Co-founder, and CTO at BricksFolios and CEO of InBestments. 

Sharma went on to explain that, “Our Real Estate Wealth Advisors are able to create and capture new ‘demand’ and make competition irrelevant with our white-glove experience, and technology.

Figure 2 – BricksFolios: Attract, not compete.

HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals) are attracted to them, who see the tremendous benefits of our solution. They not only buy multiple properties but also become our referral machine.” 

BricksFolios is driving unprecedented innovation in unconventional ways, pretty much how Tesla is reshaping the automotive industry. Its senior leadership comes from companies including Microsoft, GE, Accenture, EY, Apple, Visa, SAP, etc. According to Dixit, “Our clients call us the “Morgan Stanley of Real Estate”, and that motivates us to work even harder to democratize wealth-building through real estate.”

Inman Connect attendees can visit BricksFolios at booth #214 to meet our founders and real estate wealth advisors, see a demo of our platform – built by and for agents, ask questions, and start working on their plan to Elevate, Differentiate and Change The Game!

The BricksFolios team will be especially interested in talking to agents and brokers who want to bring BricksFolios into new markets.

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    • Thank you for sharing our story, and our value-prop. We are excited to help Agents to upskill themselves as Real Estate Wealth Advisors, and help families to #BuildWealth with a smart real estate portfolio.

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